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Providing Expert Witness Testimony in Brush, CO and the Northeastern Colorado Area

Certain legal situations will require expert witness testimony from a qualified appraiser. At O’Neil & Company Appraisal Service, LLC, we’re prepared to provide accurate property valuation and litigation support services to clients throughout Brush, CO.


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Expert witness testimony is, essentially, when a professional within a certain field is brought in to give an opinion on something in the legal process. For appraisers, that means providing insight on a property’s value. At O’Neil & Company Appraisal Service, LLC, our litigation services include attorney’s for divorce, partnership dissolve and estate settlement. . While we must remain unbiased when providing you with information on a house’s worth, we can consult with you about how strong an appraisal presented by an opposing party is. In addition, we can do additional research to verify or contest a home’s valuation.

We can help with:

  • Estate settlements.
  • Determine the value of properties with flood histories or insect infestations.
  • Valuations for legal proceedings like divorces and taxation concerns.
  • Valuations for stigmatized property, condemned property, and property in eminent domain cases.
  • Retrospective valuations.

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